Un Chicken Sandwich
Topped w/ lettuce, tomato & vegan mayo served on a Ciabatta bun w/ choice of side 10.50

Vegan Burger
Served w/ vegan mayo, lettuce & tomato in a bakery bun w/ choice of side 8.95

Veggie Primavera
In a seasoned olive oil topped w/ almond Parmesan served w/ garlic toast 8.95 -add un chicken 3.75

BBQ Pulled Pork
Served on a vegan bakery bun w/ choice of side 9.95

Buffalo Un chicken Wrap
Vegan chicken tossed w/buffalo sauce mixed w/ fresh greens, cucumber, tomato, & red onion served w/ choice of side 10.50

Un Chicken Salad
Mixed greens, cucumbers & tomato topped w/ Un Chicken served w/ garlic toast
(dressings - Raspberry vinaigrette, Italian, Toasted Sesame, Balsamic vinaigrette) 11.95

Vegan Sides
Potato Cakes, Potato salad, Steak cut fries, Sweet potato fries - (add .50)
(fries may be cooked in non vegan fryer except on Vegan Night)