Sizzler Steak
Our house specialty! This 4th generation "Revette" black Angus sizzler steak is char grilled to your liking 10.95

Steak Burgundy
Our sizzler or sirloin steak served in a burgundy wine sauce.
Sizzler 11.75 Sirloin 14.75

The Bronx Sirloin
A 10 oz. Black Angus sirloin for the heartier steak eater 13.75

The One Pounder
One full pound of choice New York Strip steak. 19.50

Smothered Steak
Our Black Angus sizzler smothered with grilled onion mushrooms, and cheddar cheese 13.50

20 Ounce Porterhouse
The best of both worlds. New You Strip on one side and filet mignon on the other! 23.50

The Big Apple
12 oz. New York Strip char grilled to order 16.95

Filet Mignon
An 8 oz. filet served with Detroit's famous zip sauce 22.00

London Broil
Strips of marinated steak topped with mushrooms in a red wine sauce served open faced on garlic toast 13.75

The Ribeye
Lots of marbling equals a real tender steak. 12 oz. Angus ribeye. If you like prime rib, you will love the steak 18.95

Surf 'N Turf
Our Angus Sizzler steak served with 5 large grilled shrimp in a tropical glaze 15.95
Dinners include a garden or Caesar salad, Parmesan garlic toast and choice of steak cut fries, sweet potato fries, twice baked potato, pasta salad, coleslaw, steamed veggies or mashed potatoes with gravy.